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  • INTERVIEW 01/10/2018

    Swiss art director Bastien Grivet's latest artwork was created as a response to The Handmaid's Tale – find out more about the project and Bastien's AAA-production work…

    FREE TUTORIAL 28/09/2018

    Brazilian 3D generalist stylizes a witch using 3ds Max, ZBrush, Substance Painter, Marvelous Designer, and V-Ray...

    INTERVIEW 27/09/2018

    Brazilian 3D generalist Fred Lopes currently works for TV Bandeirantes, and creates cool characters with personality in his spare time. Find out more…

    KICKSTARTER 26/09/2018

    Sketch with Asia is now live on Kickstarter! See what exclusive goodies are up for grabs and make your pledge now!

    FREE TUTORIAL 26/09/2018

    Visualizer Jaspreet Singh takes us through the modeling and texturing process behind his rustic living room...

  • ANNOUNCEMENT 25/09/2018

    3dtotal's new site will be live soon. Learn about the new image upload options available NOW including 20:20 & parallax...

    INTERVIEW 25/09/2018

    Nabil Chequieq recently made the move from Morocco to Indianapolis, USA to continue his character design development – check out his work and learn more…

    INSPIRATION 24/09/2018

    Founder of Render Expert, Mohsen Hashemi takes through an array of arch-viz techniques to take your work to the next level…

    FREE TUTORIAL 21/09/2018

    Juan Camilo Vallejo demonstrates his process for creating two stunning cyberpunk characters…

    ARTICLE 21/09/2018

    Konstantin Gdalevich explains why Maya is his modeling software of choice, covering its benefits and why he would still recommend it to his early self…

  • ARTICLE 20/09/2018

    Mohsen Hashemi examines which render software might be best for your arch-viz stills, architectural animations, and commercial projects…

    PODCAST 20/09/2018

    Trevor Hogg talks to Sean Konrad of Method Studios about the VFX work created for "Deadpool 2" in our latest podcast...

    ARTICLE 19/09/2018

    Learn what you need to know for translating your traditional painting skills to the digital realm...

    FREE TUTORIAL 18/09/2018

    Concept artist Gabriel Romero takes a horror-themed flash fiction piece and turns it into an illustration with Photoshop...

    ARTICLE 18/09/2018

    3D artist Marcelo Pinheiro offers inspiration in the form of 10 artistic styles he loves, from classical sculpture to hyperrealism…

News - Animations, Movies and Artists

1st October 2018

Watch the new trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet.

1st October 2018

Diane can't ignore anymore the leak coming from the ceiling above the family diner in the animated short Thermostat 6.

1st October 2018

Take a look at Syrup VFX Studios' latest showreel.

30th September 2018

Check out the new trailer for The Grinch.

News - Tutorials, Features and Industry News

1st October 2018

3ds Max rendering expert Zap Andersson introduces Randomized Bitmaps, a powerful new OSL map for creating random textural effects.

30th September 2018

See how Houdini Engine can be used to create game art in Unity projects.

30th September 2018

Video Copilot have posted a tutorial on how to use their Orb plug-in for After Effects.

30th September 2018

Take a look at the new ZBrush features announced at ZBrush Summit.

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